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Wednesday October 25. 08:30.
    Welcome to Rental Housing Forum
    Wednesday October 25. 09:15-9:30.
      Analysis and outlook for the residential rental market
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      Wednesday October 25. 09:30-10:00.
      • Strengths of the rental sector
      • Impact of demographic fundamentals on supply and demand
      • The Spanish rental sector in the European context
      Housing Law and regional and local legislation, taxation… Towards a regulatory model that encourages supply at an affordable price
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      Wednesday October 25. 10:00-10:50.
      • What concrete measures encourage or discourage the creation of affordable supply?
      • What can we learn from other European cities that have implemented rent caps?
      • How can the tax burden on renting be reduced?
      Investment and rental Does the rental sector continue to arouse investor appetite?
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      Wednesday October 25. 10:50-11:45.
      • Is traditional rental still attractive to investors compared to other living models?
      • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the more traditional sector versus new models?
      • Have the expectations of institutional capital changed when investing in this type of asset class?
      • What are investors demanding in terms of ESG?
      Coffee break
      Wednesday October 25. 11:45-12:15.
        Presentation ULI Rental Living Report: “Spanish Rental Housing Report”
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        Wednesday October 25. 12:15-13:15.

        This report provides valuable insights into the rental housing sub-sector in Spain. Through a data-driven approach, it presents a quantitative analysis, using big data to examine demand, supply and affordability in major Spanish cities. It also provides an in-depth qualitative analysis of the data, based on the experience of Spain's leading housing experts.

        Status of the Build to Rent phenomenon: Is this model evolving?
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        Wednesday October 25. 13:15-14:15.
        • How are the cost of land, rising construction costs and financing impacting on projects, and what measures can help to alleviate these brakes?
        • Status of projects
        • Where is this model heading from the point of view of design and typology of product and customer services?
        Break. Cocktail lunch
        Wednesday October 25. 14:15-15:30.
          Asset management models and strategies
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          Wednesday October 25. 15:30-16:15.
          • Internal management or external management?
          • What variables should be taken into account when deciding on the management model?
          • Is management strategic to the asset, and should management and capital be separated?
          • Can only certain processes be outsourced?
          • Which housing typology allows the operator a lower turnover and therefore a higher profitability?
          What services and technologies are delivering real value in asset management?
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          Wednesday October 25. 16:15-17:00.
          • Tools to facilitate and improve efficiency in asset management
          • What are the technologies most in demand by asset managers and are they finding truly innovative solutions?
          • Solutions for the management and protection of landlords and tenants  
          • ESG: measurement and reporting tools
          The rental sector of the future. Integration with Flex Living? Will customer preferences change?
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          Wednesday October 25. 17:00-17:45.
          • Relationship between rental and multiliving: coliving, service apartments, clusters...
          • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the more traditional sector compared to the new models? What synergies exist between them?
          • How are companies in the traditional rental sector diversifying their business model?
          • Will price continue to be the main attraction or will the customer look for something more? Will they be able to afford it?
          • What are customers demanding in terms of ESG, and will these demands increase in the future?
          What measures does the industry propose to solve the supply generation problem?
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          Wednesday October 25. 17:45-18:30.
          • Regulation: land, taxation, subsidies, modules, legal certainty...
          • Clear regulation of new living models
          • Public-private collaboration
          • Financing
          • Production capacity
          Wednesday October 25. 18:30-19:15.