What is Rental Housing Forum?

Rental Housing Forum is the first forum that brings together the main players in the public and private sector of the rental market in Spain. At this event, you will discover the latest trends, operations and current status of ongoing projects. It is an exclusive space for dialogue that promotes the exchange of knowledge and best practices, driving us towards an increasingly transparent and efficient rental market, providing greater legal certainty to all participants, as well as a wide range of high quality offerings.


In Rental Housing Forum we will analyze the residential rental market in Spain from multiple points of view, from the hand of the most prominent personalities in the sector:

Some of the topics we will deal with are: market situation, regulation, investment climate, proposals to increase supply, financing, BTR situation, management models and strategies, technology, synergies with flex living….

Why the rental market?

The rental sector is booming and experiencing increasing professionalization, attracting more and more fund investments. In terms of investment, the rental sector has concentrated 47% of the total invested in the real estate market up to the third quarter of 2022. Companies specializing in leasing have experienced a 30% growth in the last year.

This professionalization of the business provides security and transparency to landlords and tenants, guaranteeing solid legal security.

The success of the SIMAPRO MEETINGS Rental event reflects the strong interest of professionals in this market and the need for a space for opinion and networking around the rental sector in Spain.

Why become part of it?​

Generate new leads and contacts, and create numerous business possibilities.

You will be able to discover first-hand the news and trends of the rental market from different points of view such as supply, regulation, demand, prices, technology and new trends, from the best experts.

Make contact with other professionals in the numerous networking activities that will be organized between public and private actors in the rental market in Spain.

Enjoy recreational activities and exclusive events for speakers and partners.

Don’t get left behind in the residential rental industry and join us at this unique event to stay on top of the latest trends and game-changing business opportunities!

How is Rental Housing Forum going to be?​

  • 1-day professional day
  • Networking activities between the partner companies and the rest of the participants.
  • 250 professionals
  • More than 30 speakers and moderators

Rental Housing Forum Partners